3 Free Font Resources

3 Free Font Resources

One of the first steps I take with my custom website clients is help them choose a font for their name. Think of your “name font” as your personal logo. The font should reflect your personality, and also make you happy when you look at it.

But if you’re building your website on your own, finding your name font can be intimidating – especially if you don’t know where to look.

Never fear – here are my top 3 free font resources to help you on your search!

1. 1001FreeFonts.com

I have a feeling there are a lot more than 1001 fonts on this awesome site. You can browse by category or designer, and they have a custom preview which really helps you narrow down your choices.

2. AbstractFonts.com

One of the things I love about Abstract Fonts is how easy it is to navigate. Plus they have about 14,000 fonts to choose from. You can also search more than one category at a time, which is kind of fun!

3. Google Fonts

With tons of free, open source fonts to choose from, I use Google Fonts to find the perfect font for my clients nearly every day. Check out how your name will look with their handy preview function, and you can use your chosen font in print or on your website.

What’s your favorite free font resource? Leave a comment below!

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