3 Reasons Social Media is Crucial for your Acting Career

3 Reasons Social Media is Crucial for your Acting Career

…unless you’re Meryl, of course.

Social media platforms can be tiring and confusing, not to mention seemingly ever-changing. As actors, we “know” we need to use them, but what exactly does that mean? And come to mention it… WHY?

*Snaps fingers,
Heidi Dean

I’m thrilled to introduce you to the industry’s top social media expert. A working professional actor for over 20 years, Heidi turns actors of all levels into social media rockstars. When I realized how important it is that we sort out the “why” of social media I knew immediately that Heidi was the one to turn to in order to get the genuine answer.

I definitely learned a few things that I wasn’t expecting!

Click play below to learn three career-impacting reasons actors need to use social media today:

Even better? This just kicks off our #BeSocialMediaSavvy series with Heidi. Buckle up, reserve that Twitter handle and log into your Instagram account, because there’s a lot more to come!


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