When a casting director Googles you, what will they find?

A branded site that reflects your cast-ability, personality, and professionalism?


A generic page that doesn’t represent who you are and how you can be cast?

The truth is, there are a lot of website templates out there that look pretty darn good. But they don’t speak to your uniqueness, and they don’t really stand out. You want more than that.

So, where do you start if you want your website to tell your individual story and set you apart?

I’ve got you covered with my 5 First Steps Before You Build Your Actor Website Video Training!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Step 1: Assess Your Hook

Where are you currently succeeding as an actor? How does the industry see you?

This training will help you uncover or underline:

Step 2: Clarify Your Goals, Desires, And Passions

Now that you know where you are, let’s find out where you want to go!

This training will help you get clear on:

Step 3: Discover your Colors

Choosing your website colors should be fun, not stressful! With this training, you’ll: 

Step 4: Get Some Photo Mojo

Your website is the perfect place to be strategically creative while sharing the uniqueness of you with your fans and the decision makers in the industry. You want to tell your story through your website and editorial photos are a great way to help accomplish this.

Step 5: Organize Your Materials

If you want to strategically create a website that reflects your accomplishments as well as your goals, then you must know what materials to utilize and more importantly, what materials to leave at home.

This training will help you gain clarity so you select only the materials that promote you best!

We’ll cover:

I’m Amy Russ – actor, producer, acting coach, and founder of ActorWebs – and I’m happy you’re here! I create and maintain websites for actors so they can showcase their cast-ability, personality, and professionalism to the industry’s decision makers.

In my 20 years of experience as a web designer, I’ve helped hundreds of actors redesign their websites and book more jobs, and I’d love to help you next!

This training is for you if you ...

Because you will learn...

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