Can An Actor Get Cast from Social Media?

Can An Actor Get Cast from Social Media?

You’re tweeting/posting/commenting like a boss and getting into a groove with your social media. Well, sort of. Maybe you’re stuck in the gap between “this is a lot of work!” and “this is a lot of fun!” and wondering… can this whole #BeSocialMediaSavvy stuff really impact your career in a tangible way?

Absolutely yes! And while I’m sure your first thought is booking roles, it goes much further, too.

Check out this week’s video to hear a myriad of motivating ways social can impact your career, from “booked it” and beyond.

Can I just take a minute to say   Heidi Dean? We’re nearing the finish line with our #BeSocialMediaSavvy series together, and if I could toot her horn any louder, I would. Her substantive insights really help motivate me for the whole social media world, not to mention just getting to hang out with her to film was so much fun. She’s the real deal, y’all, and we’ve got even more coming next week.


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