Your Actor Social Media Guide

Social media can be an awesome way to build relationships, connect with your fans, and take control of your career. If you want to kick your social media presence up a few notches, you came to the right place.Yes, social media can help you get cast. It's also 1 of 3 major components of boosting your google-ability!

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I’m on Social Media – Do I Need a Website?

If you've been following along the past six weeks, you understand the important role social media can play in your acting career. Now you might be wondering whether you need a website as well, and how do all of these pieces of the puzzle work together?

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Can An Actor Get Cast from Social Media?

You’re tweeting/posting/commenting like a boss and getting into a groove with your social media. Well, sort of. Maybe you’re stuck in the gap between “this is a lot of work!” and “this is a lot of fun!” and wondering... can this whole #BeSocialMediaSavvy stuff really impact your career in a tangible way?

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