Choose Your Website Colors in 4 Easy Steps

Find your perfect website colors and rock your website!

If you’re like a lot of actors I work with, one of the things that can send you into instant overwhelm is deciding what colors to use for your website. I get it – you understand how important your website is and creating it can be a big investment (of time, or money, or both). But choosing your website colors shouldn’t be torture! Check out my 4 steps to finding a color scheme that will rock your website:

1. Write down the 3 colors you look best in.

Pretty simple, right? If you’re not sure, think about a shirt or outfit that you always get compliments on when you wear it. What colors make your eyes “pop” when you put them on? What colors make you FEEL good? If you’re still not sure, go to a store with a friend and hold up different colored shirts to your face. Check yourself out in the mirror. You’ll know it when you hit the right ones. If you want professional help, hiring a color consultant is a great investment. I highly recommend Jeannine Moore in NYC. She did my colors, and it’s made a huge impact.

2. Apply some color psychology.

People tend to associate colors with certain things and emotions. For example, in North America, red can mean excitement, strength, passion, or danger, while blue brings to mind trust, loyalty, and confidence. Ask yourself what qualities or emotions you want people to think of when they visit your site, and then look for a match between your best colors and the meanings associated with them. Find a great list of color meanings here.

I suggest that you stick to one or two colors.

3. Make sure your colors go together!

There is a very handy and free resource called Adobe Color Guide where you can input your main color and see what colors go with it and that web address is You can even upload a photo (like your headshot!) and it will automatically pull a color scheme from that photo for you.

4. Gut check it.

When it’s all said and done, there is no right or wrong answer for choosing your website colors. It’s your website, and only you know what colors will make you happy and proud to share your web address. When all else fails, go with your gut!