Do You Need a VO Reel to Book VO Work?

Do You Need a VO Reel to Book VO Work?

Welcome to Voiceover Camp, our latest #AskAnExpert series!

Voiceover Camp is designed for those of you who are brand new to or curious about VO, transitioning to VO from another form of acting or voice career, or are still working on gaining your footing in the space. VO expert Elise Arsenault breaks down what the voiceover world is like, what to expect as you get started, the different niches within it, the equipment you need, and all the nitty gritty you may not think to ask about but absolutely need to know.

It’s a chicken:egg paradox. Do I need a reel to book work? Do I need a body of work to create a reel? As you get started in the VO world, you might be tempted to run out and create a reel for day one – but that’s not always a good idea. But it’s also not always the best decision to go without one. What options exist to create one (with what?) and how do you find the happy medium that’s appropriate for you? You’re about to find out!

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