My Domain Name is Taken! What Do I Do?

My Domain Name is Taken! What Do I Do?

Does this sound familiar? You’re ready to take control of your online marketing and get yourself a kick-ass actor website. You try to register your domain name, and horror of horrors, SOMEONE ELSE HAS ALREADY NABBED IT!

Don’t panic – you have several options! Here are the 5 suggestions I give to my own clients when faced with this dilemma:

1. Add A Dash

Since the ideal is to use your first and last name, use a dash. For example, instead of, I could try

2. Be Official

Another option is to make it “official”! For example, or

3. “Actor” It Up

Some of my clients prefer to use “actor” in their name, so it would look like this:

4. Change Your Extension

You can also change the extension. Instead of, I could use,, or

5. Location, Location, Location

Add your location to the end of your name and your doppelgänger worries could disappear!

These tips can be used for your social media handles, too. I’m actually AmyRussNY on Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest because another Amy Russ got to those sites first! (Dang youngsters!)

And there you have it! Five alternatives when your domain name is taken.

I’d love to hear how you solved your own domain name dilemma. Leave a comment below!

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