New Headshot Happy Dance

New Headshot Happy Dance

*That feeling you get when you check “Get New Headshots” off your to-do list!*

Time to dust off my purple jumpsuit and tune up the triangle, ’cause my latest actor headshot session is done and dusted! Can I get a “Hallelujah”?

Ready to stretch out those hamstrings for your own post-headshot high kicks? Give yourself a leg up and check out these highlights from what I learned in my recent shoot with the awesome Lauren Toub.

1. Prep

Prepping for my session made me feel confident, which showed up in the photos. If you missed my headshot prep list, snag it here!

2. Communication

My preparation helped me get organized from both a mindset and execution perspective. I had a plan and a vision that I handed off to my photographer. Because I was clear in communicating with her, I could let go of my homework and trust her to guide me. And it worked!

3. The Alien Effect

I’ve been doing this a while, so this isn’t news to me, but it was certainly underlined . . . Whenever I get my shots back, I’m immediately overwhelmed. Every. Single. Time. (And I always think I look like a weird alien.) So I put them away for a while, and look again. And again. And again. Each time I come back to them it becomes more clear which photos stand out. And my resemblance to E.T. goes away. LOL

Maybe you need to look at your photos in a different order. Try them in different subsets and combinations. If you click through them one by one, your brain starts to get overwhelmed or desensitized – once it gets to that point, even the most amazing picture can’t make it through the blur over your eyes! Take a break, and then look at them in a different setting (or hey, print a few and look at them in a different format) to experience them in a new (clearer) way.

4. Trust

For the first time ever, I let my reps pick all of my shots. Yep, ALL. One of my managers wanted to see all 400+ images. (Can you say dedication?) The decision to completely trust my team to select the photos they were excited to send out has paid off. I’ve got eight great images from a professional perspective without driving myself crazy with analysis paralysis.  And I didn’t have to agonize over which images “look like me” which can feel so vague and hard to do regarding yourself.

*Drumroll please*

Here are my new acting headshots for 2018. Take a peek and let me know what you think!

What has helped you most before, during, or after your headshot sessions? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.


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