Peek Inside My On-Set Actor Bag

And get some ideas for your own on-set acting bag!

Have you ever made the mad dash to meet the courtesy van, only to arrive on set and realize you’d forgotten something? I know I have – more than once. But I finally got myself organized and made a list of the most useful things I’ve needed or wished I’d had with me on set.

Here’s a peek inside my bag:

1. Water

Yes, I know sets provide water. But sometimes you can’t remember exactly where crafty is, and you know you’ll be called to set soon. I always put one small bottle in my bag. Better safe than sorry!

2. Snacks

Trust me on this. Pack something that’ll give you energy and hold you over until the meal break. I always bring a banana or apple and a baggie of almonds and raisins.

3. Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Floss

For after your meal or snacks. You don’t want raisins in your teeth ruining your closeup!

4. Reading Material

Days on set can be long. You’ll probably have a lot of downtime. When you’re not going over your lines, a book or other reading material can give you a break without making you tired.

5. Deodorant + Mints

If you’re shooting in the sun all day, be kind and bring extra deodorant. And if you’re doing a kissing scene, mints are a MUST. Your co-workers will thank you. 🙂

6. Sunscreen

If you’re shooting outside, this can be a skin-saver.

7. Hoodie

Soundstages are usually super cold. I always wear or bring a hoodie. No pullovers – make sure it zips. This will prevent any makeup or hair disasters.

8.  Hand Sanitizer

Sometimes the bathrooms on location can get dicey…

9. Hand Lotion

Hand Sanitizer can be drying. Using this will keep your hands close-up ready!

10. Phone Charger

You know you’ll be sad if you forget this. 🙁

11. Business Cards

You never know who you’ll meet – be prepared!

12. Script

Natch! 🙂

Use my list as a starting point, and add to it as you discover your own personal needs. Get a bag that you’ll devote to your kit and pre-pack it with most of the items. Then just add the perishables and script the night before. Ta-da! You’ll be prepared and stress-free the next morning!

What’s your must have on-set? I’d love to hear about it!