Reel Refresh!

Reel Refresh!

You’re an actor or want to be one = you need a reel, whether your niche is as a commercial actor, voiceover talent, or anything in between.

In the early days, it’s almost inevitable that you’re scrambling to gather enough footage (and there’s nothing wrong with some DIY, as long as you do it right) and find that your focus is on more, more, more. Although it may never feel like it at the time, there will come a day when you’ve gotta shed the “Collect ALL the Work!” mindset. Deciding which work is your strongest and parting with some of your footage—even if you love it—will be one of the most important steps for a successful reel as you gather experience in the industry.

I happily booked some cool work last year, so my reel needed a major refresh. I had a great time working with Kristina Latour and the result is a shiny new reel I’m super proud of. (And my managers love it, too!)

Time to get a little vulnerable and share it with you – here it is!

Now it’s your turn! Share your reels with us on social at @ActorWebs and remember: if you need a gorgeous, easy-to-update website that highlights your professionalism and cast-ability, I gotchu.

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