Spring Cleaning Quick Tip – Work Those Photos

Spring Cleaning Quick Tip – Work Those Photos

Before we get started…  I was curious about the original meaning of  May Day, which is today. According to Wikipedia, “Dances, singing, and cake are usually part of the festivities.” Those happen to be three of my favorite things! I fully support you doing all three today. Especially if you share the footage to @ActorWebs!

Now back to business. If the new season means a new you in the form of new actor headshots like it did for me just a few months ago, then it’s high time you use them to spruce things up online! In this spring cleaning quick tip, discover all the places to put those new pictures to work.

I find this task a lot of fun. Plus, the change in your online profiles can make people take notice of you and take the time to give things an extra look. Not bad to have more eyeballs on your work, eh?


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