Spring Cleaning Tip – Protect Your Reputation

Spring Cleaning Tip – Protect Your Reputation

As actors, we have a certain amount of information available online so it’s accessible to those who need it. It’s (hopefully!) a no-brainer that you keep a close eye on your website, social media, IMdB, etc. That being said, the internet is a big place and it’s important to check whether your likeness or information is being utilized elsewhere in an uncouth or inappropriate manner.

Today’s spring cleaning quick tip focuses on your online reputation and how to give it a good ol’ buff… before your career is all washed up *groan* (my assistant made me say it).

Here is the link I promised in the video.

Bonus tip: try using Google’s reverse image search to spot check some of your photos to see other places they’re used online. It’s surprising how sneaky some folks can be.


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