The Basic Elements of a Kick-Ass Actor Reel

The Basic Elements of a Kick-Ass Actor Reel

Attention spans are arguably at an all-time low. It’s soooo easy to swipe, scroll, click away from one thing and onto the next shiny object. We all do it, which is why it’s so important you keep that from happening with your actor reel.

Your reel must…

  • Make a killer, professional impression
  • Grab and keep casting’s attention
  • Guide the focus (to you!)
  • Eliminate confusion

…but how? We turn to Kristina Latour, actor, demo reel editor, and founder of Latour de Force Productions. She’s considered the industry’s demo reel expert for actors and knows what will have the decision-makers booking you on the spot.

Starting from scratch when it comes to footage? The good news is there’s some upside to all the access we have to tech. Kristina shares the basic equipment you can gear up with to record some basics that won’t inadvertently do more harm than good – but warns you what to avoid.

What are the building blocks of a reel that will get you cast? Let’s #AskAnExpert and find out!

Kristina’s been in the industry as a performer for over 20 years and as a demo reel editor since 2006. She combines years of her industry experience to produce professional demo reels, helping actors further their careers by booking more work. Her clients include actors in prime time television, feature films, and Broadway.


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