The Big Booking Secret
Actress Cadden Jones

The Big Booking Secret

My friend and colleague Cadden Jones has more than 10 years of experience thriving as a commercial actress in NYC, having booked over 100 commercials and industrials – so she knows what she’s talking about. Today she’s sharing the secret that makes her a booking machine!


I’ve been immersed in the commercial business for a little over ten years now. It’s not the most natural thing to audition for clients who want you to “sell” their product! After gaining enough experience and understanding in this particular arena of acting, I decided to start teaching people what I knew about the nature of these commercial auditions. It’s certainly different from a theatrical or legit audition, and since there is really no “right” way to do it, I thought I would start teaching people how I do it. It seems that whatever method I’ve been using has certainly worked for me, and why wouldn’t it work for someone else too?

Okay… so here it is… my BIG SECRET to auditioning for commercials.

Are you ready?


That’s it. That’s my “method” and what my entire Auditioning For Commercials Masterclass is based on.

Because, here’s the thing – no one at home watching these commercials wants to feel like you’re selling them something, right? That makes them want to change the channel. BUT, if they feel like you’re talking to THEM about something that they can identify with – something that they may be struggling with and need a solution for – well, then they’re going to start to pay attention. And once the client sees that you know how to talk to those consumers as if you’re their best friend? Well, they’re going to want to hire you on the spot.

Now, obviously putting this technique into practice takes some finessing. And that’s what we do in class. Come see for yourself! Join my free Intro Class in NYC on Saturday, October 22nd at Cap21 Studios. Seating is limited, so click here to grab your spot now!

Here’s to your next booking!

– Cadden

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