The “F-Word” of Social Media Posts: Frequency

The “F-Word” of Social Media Posts: Frequency

Let’s get right to the point.

We’re diving into the Collective Obsession over how often and when to post on social media. And truly, all of us who use social for our careers fall into this rabbit hole at one point or another – especially with the new and ever-evolving platform algorithms.

Today we pull back the curtain to unveil the elusive purple unicorn and answer the question “how often should actors post on social media?”

Within minutes I bet you’ll feel relieved! You are only one step away. So get to it and click play:

Thanks for following along on our #BeSocialMediaSavvy series with Heidi Dean, paving the way for actors + social media = world (well, career) domination.


If you’re just getting started or want the whole series right away, grab the audio of the entire jam-packed interview by filling in the film below.
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