The Post-Audition Checklist Every Actor Needs

Auditioning is a huge part of an actor’s job. How are you supposed to let go of something you spent so much time and effort preparing for?

Auditioning is a huge part of an actor’s job but sometimes it can be difficult to let go when you leave the casting office, especially if it was for a job you really wanted to book.

I’ve been there, but I promise you that whether you feel the audition went well or was a complete disaster, there is really no point in replaying it and worrying once it’s over. It won’t serve you to focus on something you have no control over, especially one that’s already in the past.

So how are you supposed to let go of something you spent so much time and effort preparing for? Create a post-audition checklist to help you move on and bring the audition to a close. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Check in.  

After the audition, check in with yourself to see how you feel it went. Or arrange to call an acting buddy or your accountability partner to do the same. Let yourself have all the feels (good or bad) for no more than 10 minutes.

2. Throw away your sides.

On your way to the subway or car, throw your sides away in a trash can. When you actually let go of the paper, feel yourself let go of any attachment to the outcome. This was a big one for me and has made me feel so much happier in the long run.

3. Update your reps.  

It can sometimes be helpful to send your agent a quick note about how you think the audition went or with any feedback from the casting director. One big caveat: not all agents will be into this step, so please make sure you understand your particular office’s protocol.

4. Make notes.

Record the audition and any feedback you received in an audition log. You can use a fancy pre-made one, create one in an Excel spreadsheet, or just use a paper notebook. You can also write down what you wore, what went well and not-so-well, and what steps to take to improve your future auditions.

5. Send a thank-you note.

If you love sending thank you notes, why not incorporate this into your post-audition ritual? Expressing your gratitude for an opportunity could be an awesome way to release any attachment or expectation you might have for the outcome.

6. Treat yourself.

Plan on a special treat as a reward for all your hard work. It can be anything: a tasty snack, a walk in the park, a coffee date with your bestie, or even a bubble bath that evening. Whatever makes you feel nurtured and taken care of.

When I first started auditioning, I had no way to “close out” my auditions and would often hang on to what I coulda woulda shoulda done in the room, how my hair looked that day, or sometimes being convinced I nailed it so why didn’t they call me? As a result, I became frustrated and exhausted and my confidence really began to suffer.

Once I figured out my own post-audition system, I became a lot happier in both my professional and personal life. What’s more, I now have positive energy to bring to my new auditions and am convinced it’s helped change my entire relationship with auditioning for the better.

Your turn. Do you have a post-audition checklist you follow after your auditions?

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