Time to Own Your Acting Career!

A Guest Blog Post, by Elise Arsenault, The Global Actor

If you’re like many actors out there, you’ve heard you should be “running your career like a business”, but you don’t always exactly know what that means. Maybe you took a “Business of Acting” class in your conservatory program OR you’ve seen a few webinars on the topic, but do you actually feel in control of your business strategy? Do you know if it’s time to incorporate and have a separate business bank account? Do you understand social media and the importance of your online presence? Could you use some tools to knock your auditions out of the park, consistently?

It’s difficult to maintain a craft, stay fit & healthy for the work, and be the CEO of your acting career. I get it. But, CEO you must be. Because like it or not, YOU are the most powerful person in your career. If you are working with an agent or manager they only receive a small percentage of each booking because they are not leading the career, YOU are. So it’s time to take the lead!

Your mindset impacts the way you do or don’t show up in the audition room, on set, in the booth. The training you choose to invest in, the choices you make and the daily habits you adopt all lead to what will be your career trajectory. Look back, if you’ve been in this a few years you know that’s true and it would be a good time to examine what has & hasn’t been working for you.

Here are a few actions you can take to help you flex your CEO muscle:

  • Envision and clarify a long-term business plan
  • Determine long & short term goals to support that vision
  • Develop action plans in support of each goal
  • Create target lists of relationships needed for next-level growth
  • Use technology to save time, build a strong network/following & create relationships throughout the industry
  • Gain positive press
  • Work with a lawyer to save & earn more money
  • Practice a positive, leadership/visionary mindset
  • Attend Conferences or Summits to refresh & learn new skills

Speaking of Summits, I’m hosting The Global Actor Summit, A Free Online Masterclass Series May 6-10th and You’re Invited!

I hope you’ll join me and 17 other leading industry experts as we explore the mindset, craft, relationships & various other components needed to have a successful acting career from anywhere. We’ll help you holistically refresh your mindset, marketing tools and audition technique so you can take the lead with confidence!

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  • Utilize powerful mindset tools for deeper peace and satisfaction
  • Up-level your website
  • Strengthen your social media presence
  • Maximize your IMDB page
  • Gain powerful press to grow your industry reputation
  • Incorporate your business
  • Explore career opportunities in Audiobooks, Animation, TV & Film Production
  • Break onto the Broadway stage
  • Cultivate your own work
  • Build and nurture industry relationships

And so much more!

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