Use Your Website & Blog to Create Actor Opportunities

Use Your Website & Blog to Create Actor Opportunities

Allison Volk is The Blog Babe: she helps her clients be seen, be heard and be found online. Allison is also an actress and writer based in Los Angeles, CA. Connect with Allison on Twitter at @allisonvolk or Facebook at More information at


If you don’t have a strong online presence – that is, if I Google your name and you don’t show up on the first page – you’re losing acting jobs.

Don’t be the Actor Who Missed Out

A bold statement, I know! But let me tell you a little story to illustrate my point. For the last two and a half years, I’ve run the casting office for The City Shakespeare Company in Santa Monica, CA. During that time, I cast 8 theater performances, 2 street theater events, 1 short film and 1 feature film. I was always on the lookout for talented Shakespeare actors.

On more than one occasion, I spotted an actor I thought was just great in a performance around town. In fact – I thought the actor was so good, that I wanted to offer him or her a role. Offer it. As in, no audition. Just, “hey, you’re a great actor, I have a paying role, do you want it?”

So I’d take the program home and sit down at my computer to find the actor’s contact information. But I couldn’t find it. Ever.

Now, I’m a pretty computer-savvy person. After all, besides being an actress, I also run a company called The Blog Babe where I specialize in helping small businesses become more visible online. It just blows my mind that any professional actor could be so completely unaware of the fact that they must be find-able online. I mean, if I can’t find them, how will anyone short of a CIA operative look them up let alone hire them!?

These actors (who I never got in touch with, by the way) missed out on a chance to step into a role with a well-paying, reputable theater company.

Get Your Materials Online

It doesn’t have to be difficult. Visit and purchase your domain name. Hire Actor-Webs to get something done well and affordably, and create a home base where you provide all the information a casting director or potential collaborator would need to reach out to you.

Having a website with your name and image on it is the first step – next, make yourself more searchable by posting regular content on your actor blog. I love what Tony Howell of Creative Social Media has to say about blogging for actors – he suggests posting “micro blogs,” which are essentially 2-3 sentences with updates and an image of you in rehearsal or short video of you on stage.

Let the Opportunities Come Rolling In

Think of your blog and website as your home base. The more content you publish, the more robust your career will seem. Not too long ago, I reached out to a manager asking for a meeting to talk about representation. He responded within two days, writing, “I looked at your website, and it’s really impressive. Let’s talk.”

He wanted to chat with me because of the quality content on my website! Long story short, I now work with that manager and I’m finally auditioning for the prime time television shows that I’ve wanted to connect with for a long time. Rad!

So, do you believe me now? Visit for some tips on how to get started with a successful blog.

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