Want A Worry-Free Actor Website?

Want A Worry-Free Actor Website?

An actor website is crucial in today’s market. But getting one set up and online may be confusing at first – even to some of the most tech-savvy.

There used to be two ways to get your actor website online. I’ve listed some pros and cons of each:

1. Hire a Web Developer


You’ll get a custom, professional, made-for-you website, and the best part is you don’t have to spend any time building it yourself.


This option can be cost-prohibitive. Many designers charge north of $3000 to create and build a custom site.

These sites can be difficult to update, depending on how the site is built. You may need to contact the designer to make updates for you, which can be costly.

2. DIY – Website Builder Template


This is the least expensive way to get a website. If you have some tech experience and extra time on your hands, it could be a great fit because of the low cost.


If you’re not tech savvy, it can be challenging to get a template to look good.

There is always a learning curve, so plan on spending more time than you think building your website.

It can be frustrating if you’re spending time and not getting the results you want.

A Third Option

I know a lot of actors can get caught in the middle. They crave a killer website, but a pricey custom design is out of reach. And the idea of DIY is daunting or there’s just no time to get it right.

That’s why I created the Worry-Free Actor Website. You’ll get the pros of both options, without any of the cons! Now it’s super easy and affordable to get an awesome actor website in just three steps.

1. Pick a layout from one of my customizable designs, and pick your color palette and fonts.

2. Send us your stuff (photos, resume, bio, etc.)

3. We take care of all the rest!

Once your site is online, you can easily update it as often as you wish. If you can type an email, you’ll be able to update your site.

Are you a bit techno-phobic? No problem! As a special bonus, I throw in 15 minutes of my time every month in case you prefer to have me update your site for you. Just send me an email with your changes and I’ll take care of it. Either way, your website will always be up-to-date.

Ready for a killer actor website without any of the worry? Contact me today to see if the Worry-Free Actor Website is right for you!

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