You’ve made a great investment in your career.

But right now you may be thinking …

“Did I make the right decision hiring this Amy person?”

The answer? Yes.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a reminder of just a few of the results I’ve achieved for my clients:

“I am so proud of my website and I’m seeing results right away with more bookings and positive feedback, taking my career to a whole new level.” – Marnie Baumer

“Amy put together an amazing website… It’s gorgeous, easy to navigate, lets me blog and update easily, and literally got me an audition within a week and a half of going live. I could not be happier with it.” – Michael C. O’Day

“My site has given me greater opportunities, and every casting director I’ve worked with has always given it high praise.” – Vince Bandille

I can’t wait to see what opportunities you’ll unlock with your sparkly new website – let’s get this party started!

The Important Info You’ll Find Below

  • Project management:
    An introduction to Asana, an online project management system that will house all materials and communications for your website project.
  • Your homework:
    A checklist of things I need you to do before your project starts.
  • The process:
    What’s happening at every stage.
  • Feedback guidelines:
    How to provide feedback and tips to make it helpful.
  • Timeline guidelines:
    What to expect, and what I expect.

Managing Your (Very Special) Project

First and foremost, meet my BFF, Asana. If you give her a chance, I’m really sure you two will hit it off, too. The good news? Asana is a project management tool that’s web-based, completely free, and easy to use.

Now that your website project is underway, you’ll receive an email with an invite from Asana. It’s a secure space online where we have conversations, share files, set reminders, and create to-do lists.

It’s the simplest way to keep your project organized and make sure it goes as smoothly as possible!

Don’t worry – you won’t need to pay for Asana and it’s easy to use. Watch this 2-minute tutorial on how to use it.

Here’s what I Need From You to Get Started:

1. Accept my Asana email invitation.

Watch for an email from Asana to join your project board. It’s completely free, and will keep your website design project running smoothly and efficiently.

2. Fill out your Design Questionnaire.

The information you share will do wonders in our journey toward finding exactly how your site should look and feel. That means we uncover a vision that  I can then bring to life. Click here to get started now.

3. Pick your favorite layout.

Look over the available design layouts here and pick your favorite. Keep in mind they’re all customizable with colors and fonts! If you’re not sure which layout will show you off best, don’t worry – I’m here to help you decide. Just send me a quick note in Asana to let me know you’re stuck. And if you need to come back to this later, you can find the layouts in Asana, like everything else.  🙂

4. Upload your materials to Dropbox.

Send me your photos, resume, bio, video links, contact information, and anything else you’d like to be included. If you need help deciding what you should include, just send me a note, and I’ll offer my advice.

Once you’ve completed all four steps, I can begin creating your website!

Feedback Guidelines

Simple and straightforward feedback helps me clearly understand your thoughts and make the right changes to your design.

Here are some tips on providing awesome feedback:

  • Use headers and bullet points to organize your ideas.
  • Read over your feedback to make sure it’s clear and think about any follow-up questions I might have. Then answer them now!
  • Post all feedback and questions in Asana; simply post it as a comment on the relevant discussion.


Most websites take about 4 weeks to complete from the scheduled start date.

There will be a detailed timeline in Asana, so you’ll always know where we are in the web design process. This included your tasks – with deadlines. To help keep us on schedule, you’ll get automatic email reminders when you have a task that’s due.

Timeliness from both of us will help get your website done on or before the deadline. The process flows so well when we keep the momentum going. Strike while the iron is hot! Then you can move on to the next exciting task on your list, and I’ll happily cheer you on.

What Happens Now?

Start your actor homework!

From here, I’ll have everything I need to start designing your website! You can also set up an optional 30-minute call where you can ask any last-minute questions you may have before your project begins.

I look forward to building you a website you’ll love!