What to Expect at a Voiceover Audition

What to Expect at a Voiceover Audition

Welcome to Voiceover Camp, our latest #AskAnExpert series!

Voiceover Camp is designed for those of you who are brand new to or curious about VO, transitioning to VO from another form of acting or voice career, or are still working on gaining your footing in the space. VO expert Elise Arsenault breaks down what the voiceover world is like, what to expect as you get started, the different niches within it, the equipment you need, and all the nitty gritty you may not think to ask about but absolutely need to know.

Not to brag, but you’ve taken classes, done your research, reflected on which piece of the VO pie you’d like to start on, and even reached out to your existing agent about representation for voiceover jobs. I’m so proud! Now, at some point, it’s time to get out of preparation mode and get to “doing” it. And that means it’s time to audition.

Depending on the kind of job, the setting for the audition may differ. But in this week’s video, Elise gives us the scoop on what these differences are, examples of auditions she’s been a part of, how to prepare most successfully, and important mindset reminders. Time to get out there!

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