What to Post on Social Media for Your #Actorslife

What to Post on Social Media for Your #Actorslife

“Social media is amazing for your acting career!”

*Internal voice: I hate selfies. I don’t book enough work yet. I don’t do “Cool Actor” things. Do I have to take pictures of my plate at dinner now?*

What’s an actor to do?

It’s hard to know what to post on social media. A few minutes of scrolling through common platforms often leads way to comparison galore and makes you wonder – is growing your acting career on social media just about cultivating a perceived ecosystem of perfection? Do I need to audition or book a new job every single day to have enough to post about?

Good news: nope! FOMO be darned 🙂

Join us as Heidi Dean shares awesome insights to help you gain get a better understanding of what to post on social media and why… No dinner plate photos required.

Push play:

Have I told you lately how savvy you’re getting? Thanks for joining us for part 3 of our #BeSociaMediaSavvy series with Heidi Dean.


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