You Booked Your First VO – Now What?

You Booked Your First VO – Now What?

Welcome to Voiceover Camp, our latest #AskAnExpert series!

Voiceover Camp is designed for those of you who are brand new to or curious about VO, transitioning to VO from another form of acting or voice career, or are still working on gaining your footing in the space. VO expert Elise Arsenault breaks down what the voiceover world is like, what to expect as you get started, the different niches within it, the equipment you need, and all the nitty gritty you may not think to ask about but absolutely need to know.

Hey Voiceover Superstar, congratulations!! y o u  d i d  i t ! You booked your first VO job. What’s next? Don’t panic! Celebrate. Seriously. You’re awesome.

When you’re ready to start to prepare for the gig itself, you’ll want to have a sense of what to expect so you can feel calm, collected, and carrying yourself like a seasoned professional. Besides, you’re going to blow them out of the water – don’t distract yourself with uncertainty when resources *cough* this video *cough* exist to help you with a sneak peek of what happens behind those doors (or screens, if you’re submitting digitally). This week’s video will help you with just that, and even points you to outside resources to take it even further.

Let’s get down to business with some tricks of the trade about what goes down →

Elise’s gift for you:

Ta-da! It’s the 8th and final week of Voiceover Camp. Have some catching up to do and want it all in one fell swoop? Fill out the form below & get the entire (free) audio. 


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