Your Actor Headshot Guide

Your Actor Headshot Guide

We’re all about the photos: as an actor, they’re a critical component of your online presence and cast-ability. Is a brand-spanking new headshot one of your resolutions this year? We’ve gotcha covered!

Cruicial all-around reminders from Melanie Forchetti

All about headshots, with Mark Bennington

Important to keep in mind

And honestly, I can’t say it enough:

Happy with your photo situation?
Put them to use and take things to the next level!

As actors, sometimes it feels like we’re facing one financial investment after another. While the sticker shock may be discouraging, there are solutions at a wide variety of price points – and more costly isn’t always better. Do your diligence and you’ll reap the rewards in your acting career.

Are you getting new headshots this year? I’d love to hear about your plans!

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